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   Founded in 2006, by International celebrity Hair stylist, educator, and published Natural Hair cultivator, The Full Monti of Natural Hair (Monti Morris). Monti have been cultivating tresses since 2006, 1st as an assistant at Ayo's V.I.P. 2007 he moved on to work at Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Care Center, where he took the Taliah Waajid Seminar, learning directly from Taliah. He became lead stylist at the center, and assisting with management.  Moving on to start The Full Monti Brand, in 2009. Taliah Waajid hand picked him along with 4 others to be a part of her professional styling team. He started teaching natural hair at the BIGGEST NATURAL HAIR SHOW in the world, World Natural Hair Health and Beauty show. Teaching natural hair and product manufacture classes for Taliah Waajid, and platform styling for the Taliah Waajid main stage. He graduated in 2011 from Atlanta Technical College, with his Master Cosmetology license. He is a leader and game changer in the natural hair community. Working closely with designers, such as Raphael Cox, the house of Van Miller, and Rico Chappell, and photographers such as Black Tie, Lyarks Films, and Apex photography around the city doing photoshoots and fashion shows. He has been published in magazines such as Hype hair, Model Call, Encore, and ModelCall, just to name a few.  In July 2014, he added Stage coordinator and host to his resume for the WNHBS in Time Square, N.Y. He is the guy behind Nicki Minaj infamous "loc lace front" wig, and Maybelline model Jessica White's Loc Extensions.  

    In April 2015, "The Full Monti of Natural Hair "Invaded the U.K" was the title of his annual 2 1/2 day Natural Hair Boot Camp. There he taught beginners to professionals his natural hair techniques. The United Kingdom had never seen anything like it. Natural hair techniques such as twist and braids, to adding hair with "no -knots", and everything locs. He teaches his Naturalcation Series Sundays in North Atlanta. 

     In July 2016, He became the proud owner of, THE FULL MONTI NATURALITES, a Natural Hair Care Experience, Where Healthy Hair is Always in style. A complete personalized Natural Hair Experience. We cultivate tresses with natural and moisture base products, some products are made on a per client bases. The Salon is sure to handle all of your natural hair needs from A to Z.  We insure speed, accuracy, and clean work. We specialize in GROWTH, THICKENING, AND TRANSITIONING. We use a "NO TENSION NO KNOT” technique for hair extension, reassuring GROWTH, minimum BREAKAGE, and your EDGES. (SALON TAB)


  TFM BRAND is the umbrella brand for various companies. Here at TFM BRAND we ensure quality products and services. My Qua'Fee is a hydrating cap, which can be worn during the day and night. This cap comes in 2 forms with and without a baseball cap bill.

     THE ELIXUR Hydration system, a total hydrating skin, scalp, and hair system. Everything is made with pure natural and essential oils. With the purest blend of high quality raw and essential oils, these oils they will leave your skin, scalp, and tresses hydrated, and feeling moisturized.  There are several uses of this oil, such as hot oil treatments, sun burn, skin treatments, aroma therapy, and many more.


IT'Z ALL Y'RZ curls, coils, and kinks, the 1st half size hair magazine. This magazine will showcase styles done with your natural and transitioning tresses.

and transitioning tresses.

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